Front Cover

Raven Hotel

Matt Harlan


When Matt Harlan made this record, it ended up being more similar to a collection of short stories rather than a curating of sonic landscapes. The arrangements are sparse and masterful, and the writing is poignant and full of imagery.

We felt the best physical package for “Raven Hotel” would present the songs in a literary manner, literally. When you hold this album in your hands, it isn’t hard to imagine that you found it in the forgotten nook of an old bookstore. The cover is a Dust Bowl era black-and-white photograph that was digitally tinted and the cover of the lyrics booklet was also created digitally using scanned ephemera and a custom raven illustration.

The package is a 4-panel slit-wallet with a 12-page booklet containing all of the lyrics.

Inside Panels with Discface
Lyrics Booklet Cover
Lyrics Booklet Back