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Harvest Thieves


Alt.Country is an interesting genre music. It's one of the newer breeds of genre that have far less black and white lines defining the boundaries. But when you hear it, the sound can hardly be mistaken as any other type of music.

Pulling from as many or more influences as there are tracks on the album, Harvest Thieves nail the classic sound on ”Rival.“ Similarly, the use of wooden type in graphic design can take many forms, but is equally unmistakable. Mixing very condensed medium-weight type with wider and much heavier titles also mirrors the music here by providing a stark, but pleasant, contrast in styles. The type lays directly on the warm and moody photography to enhance the merger of the new and the familiar.

This release is CD only (for now) and is packaged in a simple and eco-friendly 2-panel sleeve. The discface is a 2-color silkscreen.

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