Front Cover


Roger Cowan


With this album, Roger Cowan was attempting to make a statement that he took his music seriously. Although not his first full-length release, it was the first time he was going to have all the bells & whistles. And he definitely realized that packaging and professional replication would be a part of releasing a “real” record.

The main goal of this 4-panel gate fold package was to give the sense that you were picking up a 50-year old record of a forgotten troubadour at some small side-of-the-road yard sale deep in East Texas.

However, instead of going after a straight rip-off of a vintage country record cover, Roger wanted to add a traveling carnival/medicine show aspect to the artwork to compliment the rootsy eccentricities of the music. The disc face and overlaid illustrations on the sleeve serve to achieve this.

Inside Left Panel
Inside Right Panel
Back Cover
Disc Face