Front Cover

The Shape of Sounds

Claire Domingue


Although the connection between the title of this album and the music on it is not easily recognized, “The Shape of Sounds” provided a great opportunity to get creative with grids, layouts, and color.

Using 14 different colors (one color for each song) and many shapes, an inviting and playful package was created. A color/shape-coded key let’s the listener engage with the sleeve in a way that doesn’t normally happen, but was also a solution to crediting 18 instruments played by 10 different people.

The package is a 6-panel digipack with a 3-color silkscreened disc face knocked out to allow the silver disc surface to come through. A complimentary PDF file with the lyrics was also created and can be downloaded from Claire’s website.

Outside Panels Spread
Inside Credits Panel
Inside Thanks Panel