4190 Design

4190 Design is Coby Tate. The numbers are just the street address where I was living at the time. I’m based in Austin, Texas.

Although I’ve been interested in graphic design since I got my first Pink Floyd record with a STORM THORGERSON designed sleeve 17 years ago, I decided to become a graphic designer after realizing there were so many musicians and small businesses who couldn’t afford big-budget designers to give their visual identity the same time and attention to detail that they themselves put into their products. I thought I could offer my services at a reasonable rate, and maybe even do a better job than the “big guys.”

Put simply, I take a personal approach to your design in hopes of helping you forge a personal relationship with your customers. While the specifics of what you do and make are important, I believe more important is that the time, effort, blood, sweat, tears, and personality you pour into your work should be evident just by glancing at your logo, website, or packaging.

All projects are quoted individually, considering many factors, including the scope of the job, projected reach/usage, and of course, your budget. Visit the CONTACT page to request a quote or to start a conversation about your upcoming project.